The idea is about two opposite halves that meet simultaneously in two different
sites, both characterized by the strongly evocative geometry of the vineyard’s
rows but declined according to the different morphological order.
The project was born from a section that, like a threshold, connects the two opposites. The wood structure, cut out from the 66 panels provided by Garnica, is firmly anchored to the archetype of the traditional vineyard’s pergolas. It develops along the entire intervention area and its main purpose is to mend the empty space between the different groups of rows. This is just a small portion of a potential section that repeats itself in an endless loop.
The structure adds value to the nature which is inserted through a system of pods that contains plants, like Rosmarinus officinalis, which attracts bees and all the insects necessary for nectar production that allow the project to be a part of an entire and complete circular system.
At the same time reflective panels are anchored to the structure. These mirrors, acting as sounding board, reflect the two halves of the section, the two sites, one in the other, in order to create a bond and a connection that is both metaphorical and physical.
There is an architectural opposition between the two projects, but this rational antithesis is way through which an exchange takes place. There is a connection between two apparently opposite elements. The two actions of going down and going up have, in this case, the same meaning because both aspire through a path, to the full understanding of the surrounding nature.
In Viña Lanciano, characterized by a flat site, an excavation, a path in depth is the element that allows a direct contact with the ground and the ecosystem. In Quinta do Seixo the landscape changes. The morphology rises and becomes curved. The two elements of the section take on a shape that follows the geometry of the territory. In this case the communication takes place through an uphill path that allows to connect with the surrounding landscape, reflecting it but at the same time reflecting metaphorically the Spanish Viña Lanciano’s vineyards.

This project is a journey of knowledge and understanding of how much two evidently opposite halves, the Yin and the Yang, characterized by respect for the landscape, biodiversity and the culture of wine, can find an apparently impossible connection point.



Project Duration:

2 Months