SUB 0°0’0″ is a research-driven podcast inquiring into the urban scenario of the global south, a platform to discuss our cities and the urbanism that has curated the status quo. It is made possible by Aditya Mandlik, Eve Nnaji, and Alejandro Haiek each presenting their home cities of Mumbai, Lagos, and Caracas respectively.

Like a book, this podcast is divided into chapters allowing each city to delve into shared topics, whilst navigating a labyrinth of overlapping research. This podcast organizes the historical, socio-political, and cultural events that have shaped the cities of the global south and reflects on why and how the future could formulate global urban equilibriums.

The study cases for SUB 0°0’0″ are the cities of Lagos in Nigeria, Mumbai in India, and Caracas in Venezuela. Each of these cities has diverse historical narratives, yet their colonial backgrounds find their trajectories in reflection of the global north.