MI+U is a research that tries to understand the curatorial practice of the Indian cities over a period of time, rural urban migratory influx as a driving force and hence, fundamentally tries to identify a lens towards developing an informed urban development for a transitionary society.

The research plans to test the hinterlands of Mumbai, which are currently not only observing sporadic urban transitions, but also to understand the differences made more evident by the rapid need of ‘production of space’ merely for capital gains and images that re-instate political presence towards neo-liberal modernization of a prosperous living. Meanwhile almost eliminating the ability and capacities of personal production, the hinterlands witness hyper transformative landscapes of the built environment.

The research positions itself in Uran, based on either proposed or existing promising vectors, showcasing potential urban transformations, and hence mapping the region to analyze and design gradients for the city.


Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia/ IAAC, Barcelona.

Project Duration:

9 Months/Year: 2021


Urban Research