The eastern waterfront of Mumbai has been inaccessible to its city since the 19th century after the decline of the trading industry.

This huge piece of land which is owned by the Mumbai Port Trust, now aims for new development. The new development not only aims at creating infrastructure that will elevate tourism and sea transport but also address issues like public spaces, housing etc.

“M – Shed” a tiny spec on our elaborate coastline along the eastern edge of the city is a 10,000 sq ft plot dedicated to a public place for retail developments. The aim of the project is to create multiple restaurants facing the sea and a facility for sea transport. The conception of the project saw the aim being accentuated by public spaces that are user- experience centric.
The Client wanted to remove the old walls of the structure so we fused the skeleton of it with this design. At this point the old and new merge to address the future.

The entire project is conceived as something that fuses with the urban, hence imagining an architectural scale like that of a city. It’s like zooming in while picturing the zoomed out. All in all a design that respects the previously built, salutes the majestic sea, pampers the user, and creates a space in this place to live a moment of relief!



Project Duration:

3 Months /Year: 2019


Commercial / Un-Built