Architecture is a collaborative living hood. Post extreme procurement of space, architecture starts behaving and simulating a living organism of a concrete mass. Architecture is no longer just a protective shell nurturing human life within. It is life itself.  Nature has predefined its laws for life and its co-existence. But architecture being a synthetic form of life shall it still obey the laws of nature?  How is it born?

The being is a nascent state of architecture which is out there, in reality, working on its ‘self’. Imitating nature and allowing adaptation. Learning and living. The Being does have a life but doesn’t possess blood. It is just an envelope. The Being is a data-centre right now where all the information is processed so to be able to express and respond. What would it respond to ….nature ?


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Project Duration:

3 Months

Item Origin:

Japan, Mid-1800’s


The being no longer associates it self with nature what it actually does is glorifies itself to reach a state of supremacy. It tries really hard to achieve this social epitome, convincing and at times in war with nature to prove its effort. It is indeed very powerful. After all Nature created it. However, the being had started to influence and shape nature, almost restructuring its DNA. What is the relation between the Being and the Nature now ? 


Resurgence of Nature or the being ?

Nature tolerates the oppression slowly and steadily gearing up to challenge the Being. The Being is bloating with all the power it possess, and has thus become ignorant. Nature changes the environment. It makes it more toxic. The Being then suffocates. But Nature isn’t cruel, after all it created the being. It has always been an experiment that neither completely succeeded nor did it fail. What does nature do, cease the Being or Redefine it ?